The AustinCSI Internship Program provides students the opportunity to learn from passionate professionals who are all genuinely devoted to their growth and professional development. Students gain knowledge and confidence to put them on the fast track and provide an edge for their future.


Mentor Program: Each intern is assigned a mentor that challenges, guides, and inspires growth to achieve their greatest potential.

Leadership Training: Interns learn what it takes to be a leader at AustinCSI by participating in various AustinCSI initiatives.


Roadmap Creation: Our interns are introduced to various client responsibilities and create their own roadmap for the program based on personal interests and goals.

Case Study: During this program, our interns participate in a simulation-based case study and present findings to Leadership.

Enterprise Support: They learn about the recruitment process, operational support, and HR functions.


Presentation Skills: Our interns learn how to storyboard their ideas and present them in a professional manner.

Final Presentation: At the end of the program, each intern will present their lessons learned to the entire firm.

Soft Skills: Interns interact with many seasoned consultants to acquire the experience needed to perform in a professional environment.

AustinCSI Internship Utilization Per Year

2012: 1 Intern
2013: 3 Interns
2014: 4 Interns
2015: 4 Interns
2016: 4 Interns
2017: 6 Interns
2018: 2 Interns
It's not about the job, it's about providing a platform to take risks and learn from them. At AustinCSI, our Summer Internship Program provides our interns the structure and opportunity to become socially responsible leaders.Zohaib, Internship Initiative Lead