Why us?

AustinCSI is an entrepreneurial firm invested in the outcomes of tomorrow. We attract talent that empowers the growth of leaders, invest in our team’s success, and engage in philanthropic activities throughout the community.

You make a difference

You make a difference.

We provide opportunity and mentoring to our associates so they can make a difference. We are a firm that is not about hierarchy or tenure, but rather what you are willing to contribute. From day one, your voice will be heard and valued.


You have access to work across multiple industries

With multiple Fortune 50 clients, you will have an opportunity to work for top-notch clients. You will be able to help them solve their most difficult challenges and deliver high-priority initiatives.


You are in control of your own career

Rather than simply placing you into a role, we work with you to find the best fit. You determine your success and impact at AustinCSI.


You work with the best and the brightest

We are not a company that settles. We hire the best available in the industry. Not only do we hire great talent, we hire great people.

We hope you’ll join us for the ride.


Earn the opportunity, every day.


Expect more of yourself, you have it in you.


Own your skills, now use it to help others succeed.


Where it all begins.

Career options

Together, let's take the next step in your career.

Happy workers make the best employees. That's why at AustinCSI, we know the difference between a job and a career.

The opportunities that we offer provide an experience that is rooted in care for our fellow associates, service to our clients, and integrity in all that we do.

AustinCSI is always welcoming new talent that can incorporate their knowledge, skills, and abilities to drive clients forward in their plans and strategies. Using our team-based approach, our associates work side-by-side with our clients to ensure success.

But the job does not stop there. Because of AustinCSI’s continuous growth, we are looking for individuals who are passionate about our firm and willing to apply their expertise to improving internal practices.

Summer Internship

The AustinCSI Internship Program is a 8-week program that focuses on giving students an overview into the world of consulting through the eyes of a growing firm while helping them gain skills for the future. This provides an opportunity to learn from passionate, intelligent individuals devoted to your growth and success. The knowledge and confidence you gain will put you on the fast track and give an edge for your future career.

Summer Internship


Mentor Program: Each intern is assigned a mentor that challenges, guides, and inspires growth to achieve their greatest potential.

Leadership Training: Interns learn what it takes to be a leader at AustinCSI by participating in various AustinCSI initiatives.


Roadmap Creation: Our interns are introduced to various client responsibilities and create their own roadmap for the program based on personal interests and goals.

Case Study: During this program, our interns participate in a simulation-based case study and present findings to Leadership.

Enterprise Support: They learn about the recruitment process, operational support, and HR functions.


Presentation Skills: Our interns learn how to storyboard their ideas and present them in a professional manner.

Final Presentation: At the end of the program, each intern will present their lessons learned to the entire firm.

Soft Skills: Interns interact with many seasoned consultants to acquire the experience needed to perform in a professional environment.


Emerging Leader

The Emerging Leaders Program (ELP) is a 1-year structured program that provides leading opportunities with Fortune 500 companies and dedicated mentorship from senior leaders and our CEOs/Founders in order to strengthen the experience of the talented emerging workforce.

Experienced Consultant

Now that you have years of experience and an impressive resume to back that up, it is time to take the next step in your career. At AustinCSI, we believe that it doesn't matter how advanced your career has been, there is still much to learn and grow. We're here to assist in your professional journey.

Joining our AustinCSI team means that you will be able to collaborate with other experienced professionals and build your knowledge base to better everyone involved. Also, we expect our more seasoned folks to be passionate mentors to help groom the next generation of working professionals. Opportunity is here. You just have to reach for it.



All of our consultants bring knowledge to the firm and clients we serve. AustinCSI associates are eager to continue learning and further develop themselves and those around them. Joining our team connects you with other professionals who will challenge you each day to expand your knowledge base.


In the world of consulting, things can change at the drop of a hat. As an Experienced Professional, it is our job to adapt and remain flexible on a daily basis to better serve our clients. Our consultants are experts in acclimating to various environments, managing stakeholders, and finding solutions.


Leadership can come in all forms and is expected from each of our consultants. Our Experienced Professionals effectively lead by providing the feedback that needs to be heard, as opposed to what one wants to hear. All of our consultants possess the innate desire to support and develop those around them.

Join our team