Cloud. Data. Product. Automation. Compliance.

Our management consulting services integrate proven concepts and practices to enable cloud, data, product, automation, and compliance to meet consumer, user, and employee “speed of expectation” demands. We design, architect, deliver and innovate solutions to ensure our clients' objectives are exceeded; and value is attained.


Data Enablement Services

Data enablement is an active means of data management that relies on defined and enforced data policies. It provides the capabilities for automated deployments and active data validation, classification and management, which comes with complete and visible data lineage and associated metadata. At AustinCSI we design and build the end to end data architecture which identifies the source, allows for ingestion, drives aggregation and ensures cleanliness for analysis which results in enterprise warehouses to provide visualization.

Our Data Enablement Service combines AustinCSI’s best in class delivery expertise with industry leading strategic insights, tools and automation to help our clients realize the value of their data.

Key capabilities include:
-Data Governance
-Master Data Management
-Business Intelligence
-Advanced Analytics
-Data Extraction
-Data Cleansing
-Data Transformation
-Data Engineering

Increased Visibility
Streamline Reporting
Growth-Driving Data
Strategic Vision

Resolution Highlights

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