Become a valued mentor and leader in our firm.

Now that you have years of experience and an impressive resume to back that up, it is time to take the next step in your career. At AustinCSI, we believe that it doesn't matter how advanced your career has been, there is still much to learn and grow. We're here to assist in your professional journey.

Joining our AustinCSI team means that you will be able to collaborate with other experienced professionals and build your knowledge base to better everyone involved. Also, we expect our more seasoned folks to be passionate mentors to help groom the next generation of working professionals. Opportunity is here. You just have to reach for it.


All of our consultants bring knowledge to the firm and clients we serve. AustinCSI associates are eager to continue learning and further develop themselves and those around them. Joining our team connects you with other professionals who will challenge you each day to expand your knowledge base.


In the world of consulting, things can change at the drop of a hat. As an Experienced Professional, it is our job to adapt and remain flexible on a daily basis to better serve our clients. Our consultants are experts in acclimating to various environments, managing stakeholders, and finding solutions.


Leadership can come in all forms and is expected from each of our consultants. Our Experienced Professionals effectively lead by providing the feedback that needs to be heard, as opposed to what one wants to hear. All of our consultants possess the innate desire to support and develop those around them.