Every great company has a story to tell.
AustinCSI has an even better one.

What happens when you take two great minds with the same goal and put them together? You get the most innovative and brilliant approach to management consulting on the market. Karen Moree and Rizwan Sheikh, founders and managing partners of AustinCSI, are the spirit behind providing top leadership, problem-solving, and value-add morals to clients across multiple sectors.

This is the belief that led to the birth of AustinCSI in 2007. At the time, Karen and Rizwan could only imagine the positive impact the firm would eventually have for clients across the United States. At the onset, we entered the market with only two employees. With fresh, innovative approaches, the firm quickly became one of the industry's fastest growing management consulting firms in the United States. Our team now spans over 10 states and is continuously growing. Fortune 50 clients have recognized us for our commitment to delivering service of excellence and integrity while building on our history of success.

Whether serving as trusted advisers to help facilitate change or serving our communities to create positive social impact, as stewards of our corporate culture, it is our goal to create and maintain socially responsible leaders. Times might have changed, but our core values remain unwavering.

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