Human Centered Design

User experience helps bridge the gap between organizational goals and user expectations. It draws you closer to effortlessly fulling the needs of users which ultimately leads to further business success. The right UX framework provides positive experiences, allowing you to understand and anticipate what your users want, need, and fear.  This permits you to engage with users on an emotional level and increase the likelihood that the user will become a loyal advocate for your products and services.

At AustinCSI, our human centered design advisory services enable design thinking and an agile way of working to unlock new journeys of innovation and value.  We’ll actively learn from real users to collect and analyze data that appeal to our human experience and behaviors.  Our ‘experience all the time’ approach embeds collaboration between design, business and delivery prior to the initiation of all initiatives.  We promote a focus on product and service features that users actually want, thus saving resources from being wasted on irrelevant features.

Services Offered:

User Research and Journey Mapping

Do you know who your users are?  Do you know your user’s needs, desires and motivations? Do you know your user’s challenges and pain points?  AustinCSI will research, gather and analyze information regarding your users, customers and prospects to help you understand their behavior and tendencies.  We will build visual interpretations that best drive customers and users to your products and services to improve usage.

Human Centered Design and Prototyping

Are you attracting the right prospects and customers? Are your websites or mobile apps aesthetically appealing, simple to use with relevant messaging to drive activity?  We create modern and effective experience designs for web, mobile, and desktop using leading edge techniques.  We deliver within your brand identity or collaborate with you to create a new look, feel and tone involving colors, typography, iconography, imagery, content, and functions, helping you create better engagements with your customers.  We utilize an iterative approach, creating low-fidelity prototypes (using wireframes) or high-fidelity prototypes (using UI designs) to get early feedback and validation to drive adoption and speed to value.

Experience Test and Validation

Are users, customers and prospects getting the experience they desire?  Are you confident that your users receive a great experience?  We will test the various aspects of the user experience to determine the best way for a website or mobile app and its elements to interact with its audience.  We will validate what attracts the most customers and users, what moves the most product or service and what types of signage engages customers to buy or convert.  Our service provides a mechanism for your continual design improvements.


Naveed Patel - Human Centered Design Advisory Lead

Jim is an Advisor Services Lead, responsible for the definition of strategic consulting services.  Jim is experienced in multiple facets of business and technology management consulting.

Jim provides industry and market insight focused on process optimization, technology innovation and operational transformation to deliver operational excellence and cost transparency.

Jim has provided post merger and acquisition support, including technology rationalization, contract consolidation, organizational restructuring, among others.