Today, AustinCSI confirms that it has expanded its Service Offering into Central America and in particular, Mexico City, Mexico. Initial focus for the region will emphasize high-performing Project & Portfolio Management services, with the plans to offer Customer Experience Management and Software Quality Management services in a region where high-grade consulting is critical..

“This expansion confirms the value-add we are providing to our clients and we appreciate the confidence they have in our methodology and our people,” said Karen Moree, Managing Parter at AustinCSI.

AustinCSI is leveraging an existing partnership with one of its key clients to expand the same level of high-quality service into Mexico with a roadmap to further expand into South America.

“Our commitment is to provide a holistic approach and a global footprint to consistently serve our client in their key markets around the world,” said Rizwan Sheikh, Managing Partner at AustinCSI.

AustinCSI will continue to invest in countries where there is a great potential to utilize untapped human intellect and serve new and exciting clients. We are thrilled of this opportunity and hope we can be seen as a valued partner to the clients and people we serve.

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