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Our digital transformation and management consulting services focus on our client’s critical needs, opportunities, and business strategy desires in order to help our clients become the future they see. Our advisory services are structured in five offerings which our clients can use independently or in conjunction to create and enable an entire transformation arc. These are Value Realization, Technology Enablement, Experience Design, Agile Delivery, and Data Analytics. Taken together, our services are constructed to focus on three strategic levels based on your transformation readiness: Preparedness, Execution and Measurement.

Level 1 – Preparedness

Value Realization

A digital transformation journey impacts all aspects of business and technology. Whether you are re-thinking business processes, improving user experiences, moving to the cloud, refreshing technologies or analyzing data, enterprise transformation strategies are being defined.

Key Focus Areas – Transformation readiness, roadmap definition, health checks, process innovation and value attainment prediction and tracking

Value Realization
Level 2 – Execution

Technology Enablement

Technology is the bridge between your business and your customers. How well your business deploys and maintains technology solutions impacts your ability to deliver for your customers, influencing your trajectory in a highly competitive global marketplace. Capture technology's full potential to support your business.

Key Focus Areas - Network transformation, Technology Roadmapping, PMO and Governance, Network Remediation, data center migration, cloud transformation, asset management, post M&A services

MQ Advisory Technology Enablement
Experience Design Advisory

Experience Design

Enables design thinking  to unlock new journeys of innovation to unlock your digital strategy in a way that appeals to our human experience. The right UX framework provides positive experiences, allowing you to understand and anticipate what your users want, need, and fear. This permits you to engage with users on an emotional level and increase the likelihood that the user will become a loyal advocate for your products and services.

Key Focus Areas – User research,  journey mapping & persona building, design thinking, wireframing & prototyping, user testing

Agile Delivery

Agile delivery propels performance with rapid learning and alignment. Driven by the continued advances of the digital age, agile transformations enable organizations to achieve improved delivery time to market, address market disruption, and focus on customer centricity.

Key Focus Areas - Organization wide agile transformation, agile and scrum training and coaching, embedded role delivery, agile tools training, bridging dev, business, design silos

Agile Advisory
Level 3 – Measurement
MQ Advisory Data Analytics v2

Data Analytics

Data analytics enables the modern speed of business by connecting data insights to business strategy. More and more businesses are systematizing analytics as part of larger business and technology process and roadmap.

inCSIghts - our micro-solution, provides visually captivating analytics; provoking action leading to data driven decision making in 4-6 weeks

Key Focus Areas - Data identification, data normalization, data analysis, KPIs and dashboards

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