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Driven by the advances of the digital transformation, fast paced innovations and empowered employees’ prowess, Agile transformations are bringing fast and adaptive organizations more success than the slow and unswerving.

Our Agile advisory provides alternatives to historically established ways of delivering products and services to address challenges associated with integrating new technologies and emerging customer preferences while addressing rigid hierarchies and organizational change management required for a resilient Agile transformation.

AustinCSI helps companies, from C-suite to individual teams, create capabilities to deliver faster, adapt to change, foster a network of self-organizing teams and become learning organizations.  We help companies find answers related to Agile adoption, implementation and scaling. We address key questions such as: How to undertake a new Agile transformation? Which implementation framework is best for our organization? How to deliver essential training for various roles within Agile? Why are executions inefficient and how to address it?  How do I scale for the enterprise Agility?  We help you navigate the complexities of business agility and unlock the power to deliver.

No matter where you are in your Agile transformation journey, we are ready to jointly solve the challenges with you to underwrite your future successes. We enable Agile adoption and implementation through focused execution and operationalization. We work with you to shape training and services strategies that are best suited for your specific needs.

Services Offered

Agile Transformation

Do you know how to setup the Agile Transformation for success from the very start? It is critical to baseline the current level of Agile adoption. Being Agile goes beyond technology delivery, permeating organizational structures, processes, leadership styles, governance, product and service innovation. AustinCSI helps companies—from C-suite to individual teams—establish and mature capabilities to deliver fast and responsively, adapt their organizational structure and culture, innovate and disrupt markets, and become learning organizations.

Agile Coaching & Training

How effective are your teams in delivering value with speed?  Our Agile coaching and training services cultivate the capabilities of each team member in their specific roles and enables them to deliver customer value rapidly. Our Scrum Masters and Agile coaches, embed with your delivery teams, help you navigate through real-world challenges. AustinCSI leverages deep experience and mastery in Agile coaching and training to help you identify the obstacles preventing your teams from delivering consistent customer value. Whether you want coaching for one team, dozens or more, we can help.

Agile for Enterprise

Many companies start with Agile by experimenting with one or two teams on a project basis. Eventually, after some moderate success, interest in scaling this success across larger, multi-team programs and portfolios within the enterprise grows. Whether is growth in Agile for your business teams, development teams, security teams or operations teams, at AustinCSl, we can help you successfully transition from project to product-based agile delivery, which requires enterprise-level adoption.  Our framework helps large organizations meet the organization's strategic goals, not just individual project goals. The framework also provides the ability to create and maintain a centralized strategy with a coherent approach towards delivery of value.

Agile Optimization

Are you achieving the business outcomes and expectations of your agile transformation? No matter which methodology you decided to work with (Disciplined Agile Delivery, Adaptive Software Development, Kanban, Scrum, Dynamic Systems Development, Feature Driven Development or Lean Software Development), our Agile optimization services will work across all Agile development strategies and cycles to ensure your teams attain the sustainable, expected value with speed and transparency.

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Agile Transformation

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