Data Analytics Advisory

AustinCSI’s Data Analytics Advisory functions in three primary categories: Data Analytics Consulting, Delivery Transparency, and Micro-Intelligence Solutions. We leverage a comprehensive approach that is powered by our deep industry knowledge, extensive experience, and mastery of technology. Our purpose is to place your data in a position to drive business strategy, optimize processes and reach organizational goals.

Services Offered

Data Analytics Consulting

Our Data Analytics Consulting service brings together our ability to deliver complex, personalized solutions with experienced practitioners hand-selected for each client. We couple industry experts whose skills match our client’s needs, using a delivery framework that supports the constantly evolving data ecosystems our clients operate in.

Delivery Transparency

Our Delivery Transparency service works in tandem with our other advisories to support all major client programs and projects by creating custom-built, automated reporting solutions. Doing so results in live status dashboards accessible through web, reduced reporting cycles, and resource bandwidth flexibility.

Micro-Intelligence Solutions

Our Micro-Intelligence Solutions service seeks to bring innovative solutions to our clients as the pace of business and technology continues to accelerate. Basic, manual, resource dependent data analysis is no longer a reasonable solution to large enterprise challenges. The ability to be notified of, and respond to, issues facing organizational goals at a moment’s notice is now a competitive necessity.



A better way to display

inCSIghts platform provides visually captivating analytics that provoke action, leading to data driven decision making. By engaging in a meaningful way with our clients to understand exactly their business needs, inCSIghts delivers a custom built solution with the right combination of technologies. In doing so, we deliver value at unrivaled speed without disrupting business processes or requiring work force retraining. Micro- solutions for your macro-organizational challenges.

We believe that true value can be derived from your data. Speed, coupled with a deep understanding of your business process logic, is where we see value realized time and time again. Utilizing our delivery framework, we will design, build, test, and implement a custom solution to integrate multiple data sources, perform transformations, automate refreshes, and deliver a sustainable and flexible data management system that allows for specific insights to organizational issues.

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