In today’s digital age, cloud transformation is not a new concept. However, cloud transformation initiatives will continue to be an enterprise undertaking well into the next decade. With the increasing propagation of pandemic protocols, consumer, user, and employee expectations are accelerating the shift to online channels. Companies have been forced to adapt their business and operation models to address the growing demands and challenges associated with this expedited shift. The adaptation of business and operation models, caused by the expedited shift, has also forced companies to accelerate their cloud transformation return on investment (ROI) and expected interval value, such as reduced costs, improved performance, and business innovation.

With speed-to-expectations, both externally and internally, being key drivers in these digital times, companies must approach cloud transformation and cloud optimization with agility and nimbleness while being methodical. Online sales, on-request delivery, customer facing applications, streaming platforms and e-Learning are all examples of growing digital areas that deliver immediate, expected value to consumers, users, and employees. Network and infrastructure readiness, application rationalization, tools rationalization, effective migration management, decommission management, FinOps, total cost of owner (TCO) transformation and organization change management are examples of opportunities that help realize accelerated ROI and desired enterprise value. Cloud is the key enabler.

As so many forces continue to drive the need for accelerated cloud transformation and cloud optimization, organizations have been forced to rely on leading service providers to meet their commitments. Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) are common providers, delivering industry leading solutions which have made an impact on consumers, users, employees, and corporate enterprises. From sales, marketing, operations, supply chain to accounting, you are, in some way, dependent on the cloud.
AustinCSI provides a proven, holistic framework and methodology to accelerated cloud transformation and cloud optimization. We leverage an approach, rooted in logic and rationale, to deliver immediate value for our clients and their consumers, users, and employees. Regardless of where you are in your transformation or optimization journey, we meet you where you are, to drive speed to value.

It is imperative to secure a detailed understanding, based on the current state, of the client’s business, IT and financial cloud strategies, challenges, and expectations. Sessions that validate the consumer, user and employee digital journeys are essential to mitigate concerns, prepare to address demanded expectations and deliver sustainable positive experiences. Tools that automate advanced analytics, for architectural excellence, are critical to expedite data-driven decision-making. For example, clarity in application-to-application mappings, server-to-server mappings, application-to-server mappings, and server-to-data center/cloud mapping. Clarity of financial commitments cannot be overlooked. Regardless of where you are in the cloud transformation and/or cloud optimization journey, your journey commenced with an approved business case, a committed ROI and an expected value realization for investors, corporate officers, and the corporation. “pandemic or no pandemic” … “acceleration or no acceleration” … financial commitments are expected to be realized within the pre-approved timeline.
Very simply, optimization of your cloud investments for experience, speed, quality, and cost are pivotal!

This is where AustinCSI is unique and thrives. Our approach addresses business, IT, and financials in a holistic manner. Most professional services firms serve business, IT and financial independently (in a silo) for their reasons: independent stakeholder relationships, funding availability or disjointed solutions/services.

We eliminate silos to deliver a corporate solution driving enterprise collaboration. Our value statement is simple…COLLABORATION, SPEED, COST and PERFORMANCE!
Focusing on these attributes will ultimately lead to the right pivots when roadblocks and hurdles are inevitably introduced or identified. Questions like “How many applications were retired?”, “What were the savings from retiring those applications?”, “How did those retirements reduce our compute footprint?”, “How many applications or tools were uplifted?”, “How many were lifted and shifted?”, “What was the pre-transformation performance of our infrastructure?” “What is the post-transformation performance of our infrastructure?” Are we more resilient today then before the transformation? How can you help realize the value of an effective and efficient cloud transformation? Why are my cloud costs so high?
We at AustinCSI have answers to these questions and many more!

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