Complete User Journey


Our client, an international airline, approached AustinCSI with concerns regarding the online behavior and purchasing habits of its customers. The client’s analytics revealed increasing abandonment by customers during their online purchasing experience and a lack of accessory or ancillary attachments to orders which were submitted.

The AustinCSI team was asked to diagnose the problem or problems with their online experience and provide solution recommendations.  Additionally, our client was planning to migrate their digital management platform and needed to clearly understand what requirements would be necessary for the new platform.


AustinCSI leveraged its complete user journey approach to further our understanding of the multiple issues.  Our approach consisted of the following activities:

  • Met with the client both at home and abroad. Since their products require an online purchase with in-person conclusion, AustinCSI studied both the online experience and in-person experience
  • Considered the entire purchasing lifecycle, from initial customer consideration (what airline to use), online purchase experience, airport arrival, in-flight experience to baggage claim
    • While our primary task related to the digital experience, the in-person experience is both directly related to digital and impactful to our client’s total ask
  • Interviewed all related client teams: analytics, customer service, social medial, business, marketing, user experience and development. (All of these affect a customer’s journey.)
  • Several methods were used to review and diagnose gaps in the online experience.
    • Literature review
    • Customer surveys / user interviews
    • User and Usability testing (both current and alternative designs)
    • Competitive analysis
    • In-house expert assessment

We found that these areas of difficulty compounded onto themselves in self-perpetuating feedback.


AustinCSI provided a full report of findings, for both mobile and desktop viewports, as a result of our complete user journey services which resulted in reduced number of clicks required to arrive at checkout, more intuitive navigation, improved call to actions (CTA) to clearly direct customers, innovated overall flow to address attachments/additional options upload and updated imagery to improve trust levels.