Ares Ltd.

Data Center Migration


A Fortune 10 automobile manufacturer desired to establish a data center migration program.  A primary requirement for this program was to address the several network attached storage (NAS) devices located in separate states that could not simply be moved to the new data center in Dallas, TX.  These devices contained both departmental and application shares that were being utilized by individual users, applications, and other business processes. All shares required coordination and communication to migrate from the source data centers into their final data center location.  AustinCSI was asked to assist with detailed planning and execution to mitigate the risk of interruptions to:

  • Manufacturing
  • Financial processes
  • Business critical applications
  • User access to essential documents


Partnering with a systems integrator, AustinCSI established and managed the file share project as part of the overall data center migration program, where we:

  • Provided migration oversight and governance
  • Performed a current state assessment by providing real time onsite solutions to:
    • Create departmental & application shares
    • Identify large consumers of space
    • Discover owners and users of shares
  • Controlled outages
  • Devised and executed the share retirement strategy
  • Managed the share migration schedule


AustinCSI addressed a gap in the overall data center migration program in such a way that data center closures were not negatively impacted.  Because of our detailed planning, execution excellence and consistent onsite focus, production continued throughout the entire process without interruption or disruption