A Fortune10 Communications and Media client desired to transform their 50-year old supplier diversity program from a compliance-centric program to a value-add program.  AustinCSI was engaged to:

  • Outline the impact of established diversity strategies on operational processes and tools
  • Develop a transformation strategy to support overall diversity strategy realization
  • Identify, plan and implement optimization opportunities to drive strategy and direct transactional


AustinCSI leveraged it’s multiple phase transformation approach to:

  • Conduct a current state assessment
    • Review diversity strategies to gain understanding
    • Facilitated session to understand current practices and gather opportunities for optimization
    • Benchmarked current practices against strategies to identify gaps
    • Analyzed gaps to determine impacts and identify value-added optimization
    • Reviewed performance against strategies to determine capacity
    • Reviewed toolset capabilities to identify productivity impacts and gaps
    • Compiled and prioritized optimization opportunities
    • Built optimization roadmap and plan
    • Confusing implementation which at times 
  • Transform the program
    • Restructure the diversity organization to foxus on adovcacy
    • Prioritize improvements for implementation
    • Innovate diveristy process improvements
    • Monitor, track and report trasformation progression
    • Re-evaluate performance to validate gap closure, identify continuous improvements


This initiative resulted in a transformed program that extends performance beyond diversity spend to include supplier advocacy, targeted outreach and measures value to the client, it’s supply base, it’s communities and the economy.