Navigating the information age requires that business and IT leaders conduct a deep dive into their organizations’ global product ecosystem. These leaders are challenged by the sheer enormity of the numbers of tools and applications that have accumulated within their organization due to mergers, acquisitions, and expansions. AustinCSI understands that with so much at stake, effective tools and applications rationalization plans are key to influencing an organization’s digital acceleration strategy.

AustinCSI’s Tools and Applications Rationalization Framework takes into consideration the complexities of meeting market demands and regulatory requirements (e.g., Sarbanes-Oxley and Privacy) needed to streamline and transform application ecosystems, business processes, and business models. AustinCSI’s holistic approach is to identify discrete groups of tools and applications that can help organizations transform effectively and responsibly, thereby, bridging the gap between IT and the business. AustinCSI has the capability to help business and IT organizations identify, establish, and manage cost implications while aligning expectations to deliver a tailored digital acceleration plan.

Our industry knowledge of digital transformation and acceleration has positioned us to understand the current state in a manner that establishes a future state framework. This framework will properly align with an organization’s strategic objectives, plans, and drive immediate cost optimization opportunities. AustinCSI has found that:

Many times, organizations attempt tool and application rationalization initiatives without fully understanding the interdependencies of the global business and IT ecosystem against the organizations’ existing processes and plans for growth. This lack of integration insight has resulted in missed capabilities, inconsistent processes, poor customer experience, heightened regulatory scrutiny, and low attainment of cost optimization value.

When business leaders collaborate, they build a comprehensive understanding that drives the rationalization initiative. Asking the correct questions ensures complete and thorough perspectives. Understanding all the components, technologies, and operations, are necessary to ensure agile and holistic innovation and optimization capacity are designed with a sustainable value realization strategy in mind.

At AustinCSI, as we focus on the foundational challenges and leverage our expertise in change management and transformation, our clients are assured that our discovery, implementation, and execution recommendations are measured and actionable. This will enable business and IT Leaders to develop and maintain an efficient applications and tools governance process to help ensure rationalized environments remain rationalized.

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