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At AustinCSI, our user centered experience design advisory services enable design thinking and an agile way of working to unlock your experience transformation. We actively learn from real users to collect and analyze data that appeal to our human experience and behaviors. Our ‘experience all the time’ approach embeds collaboration between design, business and delivery prior to the initiation of all initiatives, ensuring that business strategy benefits from user experience insights. We promote a focus on product and service features that users actually want, thus saving resources from being wasted on irrelevant features.

We believe that building the right thing comes at the crossroads of experience, research and business strategy. We believe that building the thing right means understanding something more than deep analytics about your users; it means understanding that what we build is based on human psychology, human physiology, and human emotions. Be that on their desktop, their phone, or their touchless device.

Services Offered

User Research

Do you know who your users are? Do you know your user’s needs, desires, and motivations? Do you know your user’s challenges and pain points? AustinCSI will research, gather and analyze information regarding your users, customers and prospects to help you understand their behavior and tendencies.

Deep understanding of your users is a foundational piece of your digital strategy. Using various user research methods such as interviews, surveys, and data analytics, we’ll help build a clear vision of who your users and customers are and what they need.

Journey Mapping and Persona Building

Are you able to formulate a clear path forward based on your current understanding of your users? Have you had trouble consolidating your broad user research into concise and actionable direction? As an output from user research and experience testing, personas and journey mapping are the canvas upon which we will help you paint the true picture of your customers and users.

Personas will help you visually categorize your user’s feelings, history, demographics, wants, and goals. Personas are tool for you to build a closer identification with your customer, which will allow prioritization of your functionality and business strategy.

Journey Maps tell the story of your user’s step by step process through your digital (or even storefront) experience. Through journey mapping, we will illustrate where your users find your experience quick and intuitive, where they experience difficulty and thus abandonment, and how they interact with your product. Visual and process oriented in nature, with journey mapping we will document your users end-to-end experience, and where in that experience you should prioritize change.

Design Thinking

Are you experiencing difficulty arriving at highly informed design? Are your first-out-the-door designs underperforming with your users? Design Thinking is a widely used process that is both learning oriented and solution oriented. As an approach it can be incorporated into all design efforts. We will partner with you to use this iterative process to understand your users and your business challenges, rapidly prototype, test those prototypes, and use testing feedback to fine tune and perfect your design. Through this process we may find alternative strategies to solve your experience and business needs which may not have been apparent at initial conception. In this way we can, together, discover critical insights to aid your innovation and experience strategy.

Design and Prototyping

We live in a new gilded age in which the digital experience of a product is frequently the product itself. A good product, or site flow, becomes a great product through its experience. And expectations are high. Are your users having the experience that will create a lifetime of loyalty? On any device they choose? In your storefront as well as online? User experience and user interaction which is truly and intelligently user focused has the dual effect of giving users what they want and giving business what it needs.

AustinCSI’s UX/UI experts will partner with you to create seamless, intuitive, appealing and functional human centered designs. We deliver within your brand identity or collaborate with you to create a new look, feel and tone involving colors, typography, iconography, imagery, content, and functions, helping you create better engagements with your customers. We typically use an iterative rapid prototyping approach culminating in high-fidelity interactive prototypes, to secure feedback early and often and ultimately drive adoption and speed to market.

Experience and Usability Testing

Are users, customers and prospects getting the experience they desire? Are you confident that your users receive a great experience? Are usability issues hampering your users and your business goals? User testing and usability testing are key ingredients to thoroughly understanding the various aspects of your user experience to determine the best way for a website, mobile app, wearable, or voice app and its elements which interact with its audience. We will validate what attracts customers and users to your product, flow, or experience - what drives or hinders progression and conversion, and what downstream experiences impact sustained value and loyalty.
Designing usability scenarios, conducting in-person testing or remote testing, facilitating focus groups are standard research methods deployed by AustinCSI to validate your product and your user’s experience with it.

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