Technology Enablement

Technology is a critical enabler in business today, no matter your business size or scale in the market. How well your business deploys and maintains technology solutions impacts your ability to deliver for your customers, influencing your trajectory in a highly competitive global marketplace.

AustinCSI understands that digital transformation is an ongoing journey, often taking place in parallel alongside other critical initiatives in your business. Technology solutions must be implemented correctly, quickly, and with little to no disruption. Achieving this requires leadership and expertise across industries to implement the best solutions for your business.

Our Technology Enablement consultants partner with you to understand your business needs, and they work alongside your technical experts to optimize value in support of your business’s direction in the marketplace. We provide world class technology delivery that you can count on.

Services Offered

Network Transformation

Companies and technologies evolve simultaneously, and sometimes the rapid changes drive a significant change in your network strategy to meet business needs. Changes in your environment such as a data center hub strategy shift, moving to SD WAN, adjusting security policies, shifting to a new RAS approach, or migrating to the cloud require careful planning and flawless execution. AustinCSI partners with you to understand the drivers of your strategy, the outcomes needed, and the challenges along the way. We deploy our strongest infrastructure program and project managers to manage across technical resources, vendors, and stakeholders to ensure the transformation is a success.

Technology Roadmap

Do you know what it will take to support your IT needs now in the future? What’s the best path forward? AustinCSI will perform analysis to help you understand today’s reality, identify gaps, design solutions, and determine ROI for each step forward. We build business and technology roadmaps and devise a holistic plan for execution.

PMO and Governance

Your organization has a lot of work to do to support the day-to-day IT requirements for your business, but you also have a backlog of projects that would enable your team to innovate, to automate, to increase capacity, to improve security, to get more benefit from the investments you’ve already made in infrastructure and applications to support the business. How do you gain traction and maintain momentum to keep up with demand? AustinCSI will apply our Technology Enablement framework to streamline your approach, minimize risk, and mobilize teams. We work to remove barriers, to improve controls, and to increase transparency so that everyone can move forward more quickly to achieve superior results.

Services Transition

Your company may support IT internally, through one or more managed services providers, or through a hybrid model that leverages a combination of these options. This complex ecosystem of support is difficult to establish, and changes to the support structure over time can cause significant disruption to day-to-day business. Further, business transactions such as mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures can add conflict, complexity, and timeline pressure to the mix. AustinCSI understands how critical a smooth transition is to your bottom line, and we know how to work with MSPs, vendors, internal stakeholders, and transaction managers to plan transitions that recognize the challenges that lie before each group as well as the strategies that enable everyone to stay on track to achieve the desired end state with minimal disruption to your business.

Network Remediation

Over time, large companies deploy large networks, complex infrastructure, and significant operations overhead. Staying on top of changes that may be required such as equipment refresh, adapting to new security standards, or other architecture, standards or compliance-driven adjustments is difficult. Sometimes it is hard to prioritize these activities over other critical needs, and finding time for outages to implement the changes can also be a deterrent from completing network remediation projects in a timely manner. Unfortunately, this creates a lot of risk that most businesses cannot afford to take on. AustinCSI consultants are experts in implementing this work so that you can minimize risk and support the ongoing evolution needed to support your company.

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