Technology Enablement

Technology is the bridge between your business and your customers. The ability to stay ahead of the competition is determined on how well you deliver. Our advisory builds on client successes by leveraging industry best practices to provide innovative solutions across the technology portfolio.

AustinCSI believes technology must be enabled to support a client's digital transformation effort. The quality and speed by which that technology is delivered will always remain vital to a company's success. As we continue to differentiate ourselves in the marketplace, we build true partnerships that allow us to optimize our value, which is world class technology delivery.

Services offered

Technology / Data Center Migration:

Do you know what it will take and the best path forward?  AustinCSI will perform analysis to help you understand today’s reality, identify gaps, build business and technology roadmaps and devise a holistic plan for execution.  We will mobilize your management office with standards and controls to govern execution in a manner that attains results expeditiously.

Cloud Computing:

Is your transformation effort delivering expected results and value?  We provide the expertise and tools to measure business value.  We help you identify and understand what value you are attaining, when compared to strategy goals, objectives and expectations. We provide continuous improvement planning leveraging proactive data analysis and realization reporting.

Network Remediation & Security:

Are you ready for execution? Is your current transformation effort driving results?  Is it time to move into operations?  We will help you determine your preparedness to execute your transformation strategy and provide plans to aid in risk mitigation.  We will assess your in-progress initiatives to determine roadblocks, identify barriers hindering progress and drive remediation to quickly deliver results.

James Anderson - Advisory Technology

James Anderson

Technology Consulting Advisory Lead

James is a Managing Director, responsible for Client Delivery, with over 20 years of experience managing large, complex global initiatives for various Fortune 100 companies spanning a variety of industries including automotive, travel, consumer, communications and financial services.

James is considered a market and industry transformation leader in the areas of infrastructure, network, telecommunications, data center build-out, migration, Agile and DevOps.

James has a proven track record of delivering transformations using extended project and program delivery practices that result in improved productivity with sustainable value.

James is experienced in delivering technical acquisition activities for multiple clients. James holds certifications in PMP, ITIL, and Scrum Mastery.

Experience Design

Building solutions for people

Design Consulting

User experience helps bridge the gap between organizational goals and user expectations. It draws you closer to effortlessly fulling the needs of users which ultimately leads to further business success. The right UX framework provides positive experiences, allowing you to understand and anticipate what your users want, need, and fear. This permits you to engage with users on an emotional level and increase the likelihood that the user will become a loyal advocate for your products and services.

At AustinCSI, our human centered design advisory services enable design thinking and an agile way of working to unlock new journeys of innovation and value. We’ll actively learn from real users to collect and analyze data that appeal to our human experience and behaviors. Our ‘experience all the time’ approach embeds collaboration between design, business and delivery prior to the initiation of all initiatives. We promote a focus on product and service features that users actually want, thus saving resources from being wasted on irrelevant features.

Services offered

User Research and Journey Mapping:

Do you know who your users are? Do you know your user’s needs, desires and motivations? Do you know your user’s challenges and pain points? AustinCSI will research, gather and analyze information regarding your users, customers and prospects to help you understand their behavior and tendencies. We will build visual interpretations that best drive customers and users to your products and services to improve usage.

Human Centered Design and Prototyping:

Are you attracting the right prospects and customers? Are your websites or mobile apps aesthetically appealing, simple to use with relevant messaging to drive activity? We create modern and effective experience designs for web, mobile, and desktop using leading edge techniques. We deliver within your brand identity or collaborate with you to create a new look, feel and tone involving colors, typography, iconography, imagery, content, and functions, helping you create better engagements with your customers. We utilize an iterative approach, creating low-fidelity prototypes (using wireframes) or high-fidelity prototypes (using UI designs) to get early feedback and validation to drive adoption and speed to value.

Experience Test and Validation:

Are users, customers and prospects getting the experience they desire? Are you confident that your users receive a great experience? We will test the various aspects of the user experience to determine the best way for a website or mobile app and its elements to interact with its audience. We will validate what attracts the most customers and users, what moves the most product or service and what types of signage engages customers to buy or convert. Our service provides a mechanism for your continual design improvements.

Naveed Patel - Advisory Experience Design

Naveed Patel

Experience Design Consulting Advisory Lead

Naveed is a Managing Director, responsible for AustinCSI’s enterprise operations and talent management. He is a seasoned advisory executive with extensive management consulting and operations experience supporting multiple verticals and industries including public, financial, telecommunications, and retail.

Naveed is considered a subject matter professional with expertise in network, infrastructure, telecommunications and financial services. He provides strategic direction, thought leadership, technical knowledge, technology integration and transformation to solve complex business challenges, implement solutions and deliver optimal cost controls.

Naveed has specialties in Agile/Scrum, change management, network services, coaching/mentoring, critical thinking, conflict management, cross-functional team building and leadership, which helps to manage our resources and talent community.

Agile Delivery

Delivering a higher level of quality

Agile Consulting

Driven by the advances of the digital age and fast paced innovations, Agile transformations are enabling organizations to achieve improved delivery time to market, address market disruption, focus on customer centricity and accentuate profitable growth with highest employee satisfaction.

AustinCSI help companies, from C-suite to individual teams, create capabilities to deliver faster, adapt to change, foster a network of self-organizing teams and become learning organizations.  We help companies find answers related to Agile adoption, implementation and scaling. We address key questions such as: How to undertake a new Agile transformation? What implementation framework is best for our organization? How to deliver essential training for various roles within Agile? Why is my execution inefficient and what should I do?  How do I scale for the enterprise?  We help you navigate the complexities of business agility and unlock the power to deliver.

No matter where you are in your Agile transformation journey, we will meet you. We enable the Agile adoption and implementation through focused execution and operationalization, delivered. We work with you to shape proven training and services strategies that are best suited for your specific needs.

Services offered

Roadmap Planning:

Do you know how to setup the Agile Transformation for success from the very start? It is critical to baseline the current level of Agile adoption. AustinCSl will help you develop a roadmap for execution. We will define value metrics and critical success factors to ensure adoption and transformation objectives are attained throughout the entire process with a focus on speed to value. AustinCSl will set the context for organizational change and use our assessment instrument as a change management tool which aids in making the case for Agile training and coaching.

Agile Implementation

What business outcomes do you expect to achieve? Do you have the talent, knowledge and experience to implement Agile? How will you measure sUccess? Do you desire to scale Agile to the enterprise level? We create the entire transformation lifecycle and proactively affirm known risks with associated mitigations. We will determine stage readiness to establish confidence levels for transformation execution. We monitor and track progress, impediments, resolutions and organizational maturity using data driven visual analytics to understand value realization. We coach you on how to inspect and adapt throughout the transformation process.

Agile for Enterprise:

Many companies start with Agile by experimenting with one or two teams on a project basis. Eventually, after some moderate success, interest in scaling this success across larger, multi-team programs and portfolios within the enterprise grows. At AustinCSl, we can help you successfully transition from project to product-based agile transformation, which requires enterprise-level adoption.  Our framework helps large organizations meet the organization's strategic goals, not just individual project goals. The framework also provides the ability to create and maintain a centralized strategy with a coherent approach towards delivery of value.
Muhammad Sheikh

Mahmood Sheikh

Agile Consulting Advisory Lead

Mahmood Sheikh is an Advisory Services Practitioner at AustinCSI with extensive experience in Agile Transformation of enterprises across
Financial Services, Hospitality, Retail, and Telecommunications verticals.

Mahmood is an accomplished executive with hands-on experience leading large software and hardware product innovations, global manufacturing and supply chain operations, Lean Six Sigma, quality management systems, and operational excellence.

Mahmood is a Technology Portfolio Management Practitioner with a strong reputation for highly successful execution of innovative customer-centric business strategies, applications, and technology roadmaps through Agile Methodologies and Transformation.

Data Analytics

Delivering a higher level of quality

Analytics Consulting

As the pace of business and technology continues to accelerate, simply analyzing your data is not sufficient. You must also take action. More businesses are beginning to systematically operationalize their analytics as part of a business and technology processes. Operationalizing and embedding analytics integrates actionable insights into systems and business processes used to make decisions. These systems might be automated or provide manual, actionable insights. Analytics are being embedded into dashboards, applications, devices, systems, and databases.

At AustinCSI, we utilizes data to drive business strategy, optimize processes and attain organizational goals. We assist clients in making informed decisions, provide innovative solutions, and deliver results utilizing data and analytics. Our inCSlghts platform provides visually captivating analytics that provoke action leading to data driven decision making.

Our InCSlghts platform is a product that offers data management and presentation solutions for project management oversight, asset management, and financial management. We desire to automate your data, clean your data, and display it in an interactive presentation layer that has enhanced predictive analysis.

Services offered


Are you manually updating your data? Is your data being held in spreadsheets? Is it possible to get data from a source system, rather than from an individual? We help define your process for updating and uploading your data programmatically to provide sustainability and mitigate delays. We perform data mapping to ensure accuracy and provide standardized normalization.

Data Anomaly Detection

Do you have confidence in your data? Is your data giving you an accurate depiction of your business? Do you have insight into your business, that can be utilized for staying ahead of trends? Using our inCSlghts platform, which incorporates machine learning, supervised learning, neural networks, pattern recognition, and various algorithms, we will analyze and detect simple and complex patterns, including minimums, maximums, trends, and correlations to drive learning that provide insight to your specific challenge.

Dashboard as a Service

Does your current data tell the story that matters? Are your dashboards dependable, sustainable and accurate, and empower your audience? We visualize and analyze your data with dashboards to create insightful analytics dashboards to track your key performance indicators (KPIs). We provide our inCSlghts platform to allow you to share your dashboards with your colleagues for easier, faster data analysis and collaboration. Our platform allows accessibility to your dashboards at any time on any device including PCs, laptops, tablets and mobile phones.



A better way to display

inCSIghts platform provides visually captivating analytics that provoke action, leading to data driven decision making. By engaging in a meaningful way with our clients to understand exactly their business needs, inCSIghts delivers a custom built solution with the right combination of technologies. In doing so, we deliver value at unrivaled speed without disrupting business processes or requiring work force retraining. Micro- solutions for your macro-organizational challenges.

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