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Our consulting services harness the complexities to accelerate a presence into today's transformative world driven by digital. We integrate proven concepts and practices to enable cloud, data, automation, and drive transformation from project-centric execution to product-centric delivery, resulting in speed to realized value.

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Cloud Advancement Services

Our Cloud Advancement services address the challenges associated with cloud migration and modernization. We leverage data-driven solutions to deliver results through Agile, DevOps and value realization principles. We extend into cloud platforms to extract information that provides visibility into consumption, identifies ‘right-sizing’ opportunities, defines financial reconciliations based on digital-age total cost of ownership (TCO) and drives governance.

Our Expertise

Migration Management

Financial Operations (FinOps) & Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Transformation

Network and Infrastructure Readiness

Vendor Governance & Compliance

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Data Enablement Services

Our Data Enablement services enable data driven decision making through the unification of principles in data governance, master data management, organizational change management, and advanced analytics. We deliver immediate and sustainable value through increased operational efficiency while delivering visibility into all business areas.

Our Expertise

Data Engineering

Transparency and Business Intelligence

Advanced Analytics

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Enterprise Delivery Services

Our Enterprise Delivery services drive realization and attainment of immediate results for both product and project centric organizations. We minimize disruption, manage change and realize optimization resulting in speed to value by leveraging market-proven Agile, DevOps and Waterfall practices, tools and techniques.

Our Expertise

Product-Centric Delivery Management

Organization Change Management

Delivery Management

Test Orchestration

Process Engineering and Optimization

Internet of Things (IOT) Deployment Support

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Digital Experience Services

Our Digital Experience services deliver a differentiated, human-centric experience for customers, users, and employees across all digital platforms through the skillful use of omni-channel marketing data and robust content strategies to maximize brand loyalty and trust. Our solutions leverage advancements in digital technology, resulting in overall marketing maturity to capitalize on investments, optimize satisfaction and increase revenues.

Our Expertise

Design Thinking

Journey Mapping

Content Management

Customer Value Management

Mobile Application Design & Development

Employee Experience

Customer Experience

User Experience

Digital Marketing

A/B Testing

Omni-Channel Transformation

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