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Our consulting services harness the complexities to accelerate a presence into today's transformative world driven by digital. We integrate proven concepts and practices to enable cloud, data, automation, and drive transformation from project-centric execution to product-centric delivery, resulting in speed to realized value.

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Cloud Advancement Services

Our Cloud Advancement services address the challenges associated with cloud migration and modernization. We leverage data-driven solutions to deliver results through Agile, DevOps and value realization principles. We extend into cloud platforms to extract information that provides visibility into consumption, identifies ‘right-sizing’ opportunities, defines financial reconciliations based on digital-age total cost of ownership (TCO) and drives governance.

Our Expertise

Migration Management

Financial Operations (FinOps) & Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Transformation

Network and Infrastructure Readiness

Vendor Governance & Compliance

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Data Enablement Services

Our Data Enablement services enable data driven decision making through the unification of principles in data governance, master data management, organizational change management, and advanced analytics. We deliver immediate and sustainable value through increased operational efficiency while delivering visibility into all business areas.

Our Expertise

Data Engineering

Transparency and Business Intelligence

Advanced Analytics

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Product Delivery Services

Our Product Delivery services drive realization and attainment of immediate results for both product and project centric organizations. We minimize disruption, manage change and realize optimization resulting in speed to value by leveraging market-proven Agile, DevOps and Waterfall practices, tools and techniques.

Our Expertise

Product-Centric Delivery Management

Organization Change Management

Delivery Management

Process Engineering and Optimization

Internet of Things (IOT) Deployment Support

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Automation Delivery Services

Our Automation services encompass traditional automation services in relation to automation for testing, such as UI automation , API automation, batch process automation, and automation of accessibility testing , in addition to Business / IT process automation for development, testing and day to day operations. Our automation capabilities are tool agnostic, and our people have a great deal of experience with multiple tool sets. Leveraging Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning from our Data Enablement practice, our automation strategy provides visualization of opportunities for automation and utilizes a common sense approach to target repetitive manual activities that cost organizations time and money. Included in our automation practice, AustinCSI also provides Test Strategy, Automation Strategy, and Test Orchestration services to assist our partners with identifying and implementing the most cost effective approach to manage changes in an organization and assuring those changes are implemented on time and on budget by actively identifying and removing roadblocks to progress.

Our Expertise

Accessibility Testing Automation

Business/IT Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation

Test Assessment

Test Strategy

Test Orchestration

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Compliance Delivery Services

Our Compliance services encompasses the Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) strategy to help organizations mitigate liability and protect itself, its employees, and its customers. With a risk-based mindset, we will identify organizational vulnerabilities or violations and establish frameworks to ensure consistent actions are taken to influence behaviors, correct issues, and meet regulatory requirements .

Our Expertise

Risk Assessments and Mitigation

Compliance Health Checks

Compliance Readiness and Governance

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