Cloud Advancement

Our Cloud Advancement services address the challenges associated with cloud migration and modernization. We leverage data-driven solutions to deliver results through Agile, DevOps and value realization principles. We extend into cloud platforms to extract information that provides visibility into consumption, identifies ‘right-sizing’ opportunities, defines financial reconciliations based on digital-age total cost of ownership (TCO) and drives governance.

Services Offered

Migration Management

Business leaders are demanding applications be moved to the cloud, with the expectation of cost reductions, revenue growth and outstanding customer experiences. Cloud migrations are occurring but expectations of speed to value, cost optimizations, revenue advancements and great experiences are not being realized. Our Migration management services ensure that the ‘right’ applications are being migrated at the ‘right’ time. We refine application migration strategies, drive strategy execution, manage application rationalization efforts, remove applications from the environment and govern compliance with migration standards, using Agile and DevOps principles, in a manner that promotes business and customer satisfaction.

Network and Infrastructure Readiness

‘Lift and Shift’ strategies are costing too much. Infrastructure demand, capacity management, technology refresh, and tool rationalizations are an acute need. Changes in solution and configuration require truthful transparency, careful planning and flawless execution. There is no more margin for error. Our Network and Infrastructure Readiness services deliver management of network and infrastructure change. Our approach bridges the gap between criticality of business demands and technology operational excellence; driven by complete visibility. We assist in managing technology refresh and SDWAN implementation efforts, driving tool rationalizations and ensuring network and infrastructure readiness; leveraging Agile, DevOps and delivery principles.

Cost Management

One primary objective expected of digital transformations and cloud migrations is driving optimization of cost. Vendor invoices are being received that challenge that very objective. Costs are higher than expected and value is lower than desired. Contracts are not providing protections from risks. Financial transparency (show-back/charge-back) does not exist. Our Cost Management services extend into cloud platforms to extract information to provide visibility into consumption, based on usage and utilization, which will help ‘right-size’ the cloud platform, refine total cost of ownership (TCO) methods to drive cost savings, promote business unit spend allocations and mitigate risks in vendor agreements by providing levers to help control services and spend.

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