Data Enablement

Our Data Enablement services enable data driven decision making through the unification of principles in data governance, master data management, organizational change management, and advanced analytics. We deliver immediate and sustainable value through increased operational efficiency while delivering visibility into all business areas.

Services Offered

Data Engineering

Cloud data, unformatted data, multiple data repositories/databases, spreadsheets… data comes in all forms, fashions, formats and levels of accuracy. Our Data Readiness Services shift the paradigm to view and use data as an asset. We deliver enterprise solutions that address data strategy, data quality, data warehousing and data governance challenges. We cleanse, map, organize and govern data in a manner that removes all questions regarding accuracy and readiness. Our services also drive compliant ingestion, transformation, and adherence to standards through process and automated input control mechanisms.

Transparency & Business Intelligence

How are we progressing? Are we delivering to plan? Where are the challenges? Where are we needed? Are we attaining value? Are we increasing revenue? Are we reducing costs? These are a few questions asked by business and IT executives during these times of transformation. Transparency is major factor which is often overlooked. Our Transparency & Business Intelligence Services leverage historical and point in time data to provide visibility into the portfolio of work. By leveraging industry leading business intelligence platforms, we create visually appealing transparency portals that conceptualize any initiative with relevant enterprise data points.

Advanced Analytics

Predictive. Prescriptive. Proactive. Descriptive. Automation. These terms define advanced analytics in our digital world. Businesses need to know and understand what’s going to happen before it happens. Businesses need to explain what’s happening in the midst of it happening. Our Advanced Analytics Services leverage powerful Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence techniques to build custom solutions tailored to solve challenges, address demands and answer questions. Everything from automating simple workflows to predicting outcomes to prescribing remedies. We unleash the power of data to deliver answers that attain value and results. Our advanced analytics solve problems before they become problems.

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