Enterprise Delivery

Our Enterprise Delivery services drive realization and attainment of immediate results for both product and project centric organizations. We minimize disruption, manage change and realize optimization resulting in speed to value by leveraging market-proven Agile, DevOps and Waterfall practices, tools and techniques.

Services Offered

Product-Centric Delivery

Creating an effective, digitally enhanced business requires strengthening the alignment between business and IT, embracing Agile and DevOps principles, and transcending traditional project management disciplines through the incorporation of product engineering rigor. For transformed businesses, it’s about product, not projects, which leads to an improved experience and greater speed to value. Our product-centric delivery services offer a systematic approach to business and product definition, people alignment and enablement, process and tool refinement and platform modernization. Simply, a more impactful and more effective approach to delivery extending the use of Agile/DevOps practices and tools.

Delivery Management

Even in this Digital Age, business are challenged with delivering programs and projects that are non transformative to realize established strategies within allotted budgets. Leveraging a simple set of tools and approaches may prove undesirable in conquering these challenges. Our holistic delivery management approach extends traditional program and project management practices by incorporating investment management, enterprise governance and transparency reporting to promote action that drive realization of goals and objectives in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Process Engineering and Optimization

Salesforce implementations, SAP implementations, Agile transformations, DevOps Transformations, cloud migrations, enhanced Consumer, Customer and Employee experiences, data driven decision making... these are key digital advancements in which businesses are engaged. Business and IT processes are impacted by the digitization but are often overlooked. Our process engineering and optimization services offer a process first approach to transformation which automates and limits the disruptiveness of transformation. We deliver processes supported by technology. We focus on innovation and automation to achieve sustainable value, enabled by systems, tools and technology.

Quality Assurance and Test

As businesses continue to accelerate their digital transformation journey, quality, cost and timeliness are value themes to help realize sustainable ROI. Our quality assurance and test services leverage a quality-centric approach built on Agile and DevOps principles which drives value of test strategies. This approach supports the use of the ‘right’ people at the ‘right’ time using the ‘right’ tools and technologies to enhance effectiveness, drive efficiencies and promote transparency to deliver strategic business growth, committed ROI and faster time-to-market.

Organization Change Management

As businesses grow in the current digital environment, systems will continue to change, operation model will continue to advance, processes will require optimization, how businesses are managed will be revised and how people work will be impacted. Our holistic organization change management services focus on executing practical strategies that redirect resources, budgets and all aspects of business operations to reshape organizations to function seamlessly and operate with excellence.

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